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tv   Click - Short Edition  BBC News  October 12, 2019 3:30am-3:46am BST

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hello and welcome to newswatch. as extinction rebellion protesters make their presence felt, has the bbc got the balance of its reporting on climate change right? and did an argument on social media between two footballers' wives merit a report on a bbc one news bulletin? first, one of the reasons the reporting of the uk's plans to leave the eu has been hard to follow is that information about what's going on has not always flowed unambiguously through official channels. there were two examples this week, the leak from a downing street source that the government might stop cooperating with the eu if it is forced to extend its membership beyond the end of this month, and those sources again briefing about tuesday's telephone conversation this is bbc news. between boris johnson and angela merkel. these are the headlines. the united nations has 100,000 civilians are being forced to flee their homes in northern early this morning before the cabinet arrived,
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syria as turkey continues its offensive against the kurds. the prime minister spoke to angela merkel for half an hour. turkish warplanes have continued to bomb targets inside syria. two sources told me her conclusion turkey's president says and that a deal this month he won't hold the military was almost impossible. operation, whatever the objections have we reached the end of other countries. there have been new revelations in the impeachment enquiry against donald trump, of the road for getting a deal? with the former us ambassador and if the eu got northern ireland to ukraine testifying to stay in the customs union, that she was removed from her position on the orders of the president. speaking behind closed doors to congress, marie yovanovitch said there had been a concerted campaign against her. a frenchman suspected of killing his wife and four children in 2011 has been arrested at scotland's glasgow airport. xavier dupont de ligonnes was reportedly detained after arriving on a flight from paris. his family was discovered very in the garden of their home in lev parnas and igor fruman. —— nantes
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coming up, newswatch but first, click. hello, and welcome to a special edition of click. not top gear, although there are shades of that, i have to say, but this week, we're not talking petrol cars like these, we're talking about electric cars like these. not hybrid, not hydrogen or anything else. this week, it is pure electric. sure, there are other ways to power your car which are good for the environment. go check them out by all means but this is the year that all—electric has really ta ken off. more people are thinking about evs than ever before so in this show, we're asking, is now
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the right time to switch? we'll look at the cost of buying and running them, how far they can go and ask if they're as clean and green as they might seem. 0k, dan has been to see europe's all—electric fight—back at this year's frankfurt motor show. there was really only one big question for the big execs at the huge german car companies at the world's biggest motor show. why are they 10 years behind tesla in offering us an all—electric car? we are not each time the fastest or the earliest but if we come, we come, we come very strong. tesla, a company that has been solely focused on electric vehicle production, you have to give them credit for blazing the trail, but if you look at other entries on the marketplace, from other companies that also do normal cars, so to say, this is really the first time you're getting long—range, fully usable, everyday usable electric vehicles coming from mainstream
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manufacturers. right, so they wanted to ace it. well, the stakes are high. electric may only represent less than 3% of all new car sales last year but vw have taken a close look at them and reckon it's the future. well it's obviously not real. these cool designs are actually for the future, maybe. each car manufacturer brings out some concept ideas. interestingly on the volkswagen stand, they were all electric. the real car they were launching was the id.3, a sort of electric golf, with a 205— to 340—mile range depending on the exact model, with prices starting from a competitive 30,000 euros. and a first from vw. they will guarantee the battery for eight years, meaning that if it loses more than a quarter of its full charge when new,
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they will replace it. but will car buyers trust a firm that swindled the world when it lied about the illegal level of harmful emissions its own diesel car spat out? we invested a lot, really to fulfil our commitment to the c02 targets and it's notjust only the c02 targets during driving. for example, the battery cells after a normal life cycle of a car, which is mainly eight years, nine years, the battery cells are still healthy and you can use them, for example, for a second life. we will offer the customer in, not all, but most of the european countries, we are able to offer contract to use green energy also during the driving. audi hasn't done much in the way of electric for the past 10 years either, although now they have this. sorry, that's another concept car. now they have this. they've started with the popular
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style family suv but at more than £70,000, can many families afford it? yeah, i think there is this perception in the market that i have to pay more of the electric version of the same size vehicle than i would for gas or diesel. i think what you are going to see is, at least at audi, we're going into a lot lower segments in order to make electrification much more affordable. there aren't many families that could afford 90,000 euros for a car. sure there are. the e—tron started selling this year and has a range of 320 miles and will be joined by a sportier, more expensive electric gt model next year with a mid—range suv, think sort of q3, slated for 2021. even the good old—fashioned black cab, here seen in white, has made the jump to electric,
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with 20,000 expected to sell across europe next year, costing drivers less to run. i wonder if taxi fares will fall too. and then there were the sports cars. lamborghini told me they have no intention of releasing an all—electric model any time soon. ferrari, who weren't showing, have a hybrid plan for 2022 but not all—electric. so it fell to porsche to take everyone‘s away, and they did. the taycan is porsche‘s first all—electric car and it shifts. 0—62 in 3.2 seconds with a range of up to 279 miles and a guarantee on the battery. ok, it's £115,000 but that's a 12k saving on its petrol performance equivalent, the 911 actual turbo. good value, maybe, but i have a feeling that it's that vw that'll turn out to be super competitive as an entry model for most.
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talking of competition, we saw porsche‘s entry into the electric car market in dan's report there but we wanted to test for ourselves just how quick an electric car could be. so we've set up a race. this is a lamborghini hurricane super trofeo. its v10 petrol engine delivers over 600 horsepower. it's up against a saloon car from tesla, the model s. it sports all—wheel drive but it's twice as heavy as the lambo and it sells for about a third of the price. 0ur short drag is just enough for both cars to reach 62mph, the industry standard for measuring exhilaration. both cars are in their fastest set—ups and whatever happens today, we recommend you don't try this at home. we have several safety measures in operation. most of all, johnny is a professional racing
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instructor here at drift limits. he does this day in and day are to scare the living daylights out of members of the public. in the passenger seat will be mark, ensuring fair play and probably screaming his head off. and who can we get to give one of the finest sports cars a run for its money in a tesla? it's only top gear's the stig! i'm sorry, the stig wasn't available so i'm standing in. is that 0k? it's‘s lara lewington. drivers, start your engines. epic, dramatic music. elevator muzak. ready! i'm a passenger here. myjob is really simple. ijust have to observe...
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whoa! i did brake a bit early but i so clearly won. thank you, i was not expecting to beat you. oh, my word! what?! i know! i can't believe it, absolutely smashed me. that was so much fun. that was brilliant. congratulations. johnny, commiserations. listen, you're a professional racing driver. in your opinion, why did that beat this? i konw, it's absolutely mad, isn't it? i couldn't believe it. it all boils down to the fact that that is electric so the power band is completely linear, it's always there, it's instantaneous. to be fair, in the lamborghini, i've got three gears to travel through but that, straight—line, boom, all the way.
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the comparators a long time motoring journalists and you specialise in electric cars. right, this is vicky parrott, hello, vicky parrott is a long time motoring journalist and now you specialise in electric cars, and you are here to answer some of your questions, so let'sjump in the jag. so vicky, earlier we heard that battery warranties are eight years, which i guess is good news, but do you think it should be the worry of the owner that these batteries might not last much longer than that? do you think in the future we might start leasing cars instead of owning them? uh, no more so than we do already, a lot of people lease cars, whether they are electric or not these days, and i would add, most electric cars have battery warranties of eight years or 100,000 miles, but that does not mean you have to throw the car away after that. battery life is proving to be very
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good in electric cars, and the warranty is there for peace of mind, it does not mean that after eight years your car won't work any more. we received quite a few questions from reviewers saying they live in apartments or blocks of flats, they don't have private parking, they park on the street, how do they charge an electric vehicle? if you can't charge at home, if you don't have offstreet parking, or some apartments do have hubs these days being built in, then i'm afraid you just have to check. zap— is great for telling you where chargers are, and you just have to decide whether you can rely on those public chargers are not. here is a popular question, i want to know the answer as well, how much does it cost to "fill up" an electric car compared to a petrol tank? on average a 50 kw/h battery, it will cost about £7 to fill up, at a normal domestic charger at your house. how many miles would you get for that? it depends, the new renault zoe will do about 200 miles in real—world driving, and that has a 52kw/h battery, so that works out at about 3/lip per mile, and an equivalent diesel or petrol car will look more like 11— 15p per mile. so it is usefully cheaper,
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it is half, if not a third cheaper. have we got enough charging stations in the uk? we have a lot of charging stations in the uk, i think it stands at about 10,000 station and 26,000 charging plugs. i think probably we need more, certainly in rural parts, especially, but it isn't that bad an infrastructure these days. vicky, thank you for your time, and some of the ride, thank you for the info. pleasure. and i'm afraid that's all the time we have to talk electric in the short version of the show. the falling version is waiting for you right now and i player. maybe it will help convince you it's time to switch. maybe you will have doubts afterwards, in which case you can continue the conversation with us on social media. with them on facebook, youtube, instagram and twitter at bbc click. thanks for watching and 00:13:51,846 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 we will see you soon.
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